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Venis is a Visual Environment for Nullsoft Install System (NSIS). The Venis IX environment makes creating and maintaining NSIS install scripts quick and easy.

Venis IX Features

• Works with all versions of NSIS
• Advanced syntax highlighting
• Key word API tips
• Function and Section folding Updated
• Compiler goto error support
• Multiple document interface
• Advanced open files toolbar
• Drag and drop function wizards Updated
• Load and save session support
• Reload last opened files support
• NSIS Install Wizard
• Advanced F1 help uses nsis.chm
• Check for NSIS and Venis IX updates
• Faster compiler results
• Function/Section View Improved
• Modern UI variables New!
• And more!


Venis IX 2.2.5 (0.98MB)


Venis is now freeware. Please use the following user name and registration code to register your copy.

User Name: FREE
Registraiton Code: baab47497f1d7927a1b837489da5af17